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Review 1

PRISONER’S DILEMMA is a well-written script with a great premise, fun action, clever plotting, interesting characters, and epic world creation. The premise, a ship captain who must navigate the contradictory stories of two prisoners with hidden agendas, creates excellent character dynamics.

Every scene is full of suspense and intrigue created by characters who are always questionably motivated. Information comes out at a smart pace, just fast enough to satisfy the audience. Ethan is a cantankerous, but sympathetic protagonist whose anguish is relatable, humanizing, and deep.

Both Petra and Molly have a fun, sexy edge that makes them reminiscent of femme fatales. The script does a great job of making their sexuality not a weakness, but a tool in their arsenal of deceit. Every character is complex and sympathetic; they’re all at odds, but no one is a cartoonish villain, and all are sympathetic.

The script skillfully blends epic space battles with intimate, contained drama. The contrast between the universe wide war, and the three-way intrigue on a claustrophobic spaceship is delightful. The ironic ending is quite cinematic. An original, memorable, and clever script.

Review 2

This is a great vehicle for a strong dramatic actor, and could be a great sci-fi thriller. The world is interesting, and the action is strong enough to attract a cast interested in hand-to-hand combat and futuristic settings.

Review 3

A fun space adventure with well executed film noir elements. Starts fast, entertaining script with strong writing that should easily garner attention from the large sci-fi action audience.

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In the closing days of an interplanetary war, a gifted smuggler rescues a life-pod containing two badly beaten women, a half-dead soldier and a whole world of trouble.

Breaking out is only half the battle. Now you’ve got to survive.

From a desolate prison colony to a galactic ship breaker, immerse yourself in the world of Prisoner’s Dilemma.